The council of young scientists and specialists was formed by decision of the Academic Senate of the IAA RAS on march 9th 2011. The Council of young scientists acts as a full collegial advisory body of the Institute of Applied Astronomy. The motivation behind the formation of the youth council was to provide young scientists with an opportunity to gain invaluable expirience in the field of professional science as well as to help them uncover their talents, achieve their potential and to aid in the development of their creativity and scientific knowledge.


As part of helping young people achieve their full potential, the council prepares its members for academic science which includes carrying out scientific research and careful study of most recent scientific achievements. Furthermore the Council assists its memebers by protecting their intellectual, material and professional rights as well as gives them the opportunity to make full use of said rights. In order to achieve the above goals the IAA RAS Council of young scientists performs the following functions:

  • Prepares young scientist for a career in academic sciences, prepares them to carry out scientific research and teaches young scientists to stay up to date with most recent scientific achievements.
  • Provides large amounts of information regarding funds, grants, conferences, workshops and other scientifc related events, which offer support to the scientific youth and engage their interests.
  • Organises and promotes scientific conferences, including young scientists' conferences, workshops, seminars, courses, lectures, exhibitions, health and sport as well as cultural events.
  • Represents the interests of young scientists in scientific, public and other organisations.
  • Developes solutions for housing issues faced by many young scientists today.
  • Rewards exceptionally active representatives of the scientific youth.
  • Assists in promotion of results of research carried out by the scientific youth.
  • Actively fights to conserve existing scientific institutions and promotes the construction of new ones in the future. The IAA RAS also promotes the imporvement of already existing institutions.
  • Collaborates with innovational, promotional and other organisations.

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