Recipients of state, government and federation awards
The Lenin Prize
S.S. Lavrov
The USSR State Prize:
V.A. Brumberg, G.A. Krasinskiy
The Russian Federation State Prize:
U.V. Tarbeev
Russian Government award:
A.V. Ipatov, M.N. Kaidanovskiy, N.E. Koltsov, E.I. Korkin, V.G. Olifirov, I.A. Rahimov, S.G. Smolentsev, A.A. Stotskiy, A.M. Finkelstein
The Turkmen SSR State Prize:
I.A. Rahimov
Saint-Petersburg Scientific Center award for "Achievments in Fundemental Research":
I.A. Rahimov
A.F. Ioffe prize for outstanding achievment in the filed of science and technology (Physics and Astronomy):
A.M. Finkelstein