20-23 September 2016, St.Petersburg, Russia


For your convenience the LOC have made a block booking at the Petro Palace Hotel, "Saint-Petersburg" Hotel and Everest Hostel for the period 17-25 September. Participants should contact the hotel directly via e-mail to make their reservations. When booking you should ask for the "EVN2016 Symposium". Block booking deadline is June 30 for Petro Palace Hotel, September 1 for "Saint-Petersburg" Hotel and September 23 for Everest Hostel. You may also ask for Visa support documents to apply for Travel Visa. We also suggest alternative accommodations in the vicinity of the conference venue. On the map you will find the locations of all suggested accommodations.
Petro Palace Hotel
Location: Malaya Morskaya st. 14, 190000 Saint-Petersburg, Russia
Tel.: +7 812 448 7137
E-mail: sales12@hi-spb.com
Single/Double Rate include breakfast: 7200 RUB/7800 RUB
Block Reservation Deadline: June 30
Hotel Saint Petersburg
Location: Pirogovskaya emb. 5/2, 194044 Saint Petersburg, Russia
E-mail: olga.kudinova@hotel-spb.ru
Single/Double Rate include breakfast: 3360 RUB/4000 RUB
Block Reservation Deadline: September 1
Everest Hostel
Location: Bolshaya Morskaya st. 31, 190000 Saint Petersburg, Russia
Web site: Everest Hostel
E-mail: hello@everesthostel.ru
Max/Min Rate: 1530 RUB/450 RUB
Block Reservation Deadline: September 23


Sokos Hotel Palace Bridge
Location: Birzhevoy Pereulok 2-4, 199044 Saint Petersburg, Russia
Tel.: +7 812 335 2200
E-mail: reservations@shotels.ru
Single/Double Rate: €110/€130
Sokos Hotel Vasilievsky
Location: 8 Liniya 11-13, 190034 Saint Petersburg, Russia
Tel.: +7 812 335 2290
E-mail: reservations@shotels.ru
Single/Double Rate: €80/€90


Friends Hotels and Hostels
Location: Saint Petersburg, Russia
Tel.: +7 812 331 7799
E-mail: booking@friendsplace.ru
Approximate Rate: 3000-350 RUB
Soul Kitchen Hostel
Location: Moika embankment 62/2 app 9, 190000 St. Petersburg, Russia
Tel.: +7 965 816 3470
E-mail: soulkitchenjunior@gmail.com
Approximate Rate: 8800-1400 RUB